How Will Referendum Funds Be Spent?


A School Resource Officer in Every School (~$2M-$2.5M)

Carmel Clay Schools and the Carmel Police Department will work together to hire an additional 11-13 SROs.

This means at least one armed and highly trained Carmel law enforcement will be assigned to every school in the district. Currently, the Middle and Elementary schools do NOT have a full-time dedicated SRO.

SROs are trained school safety experts that follow the TRIAD model serving as law enforcement, teacher, and mentor in the school setting. 

Increased mental health services (~$1M-$1.25M)

CCS will raise the salaries of current social workers to be competitive with area districts.

The referendum will also provide funding for additional school counselors and/or school social workers.

CCS will contract with local providers to have mental health therapists available in every school. Parents of students in need of support can choose these services. This initiative is designed to eliminate barriers to mental health services, support families and wrap resources around students in need of assistance.



Professional development & Training (~$100,000)

CCS will provide students, staff and the community with ongoing training to improve safety and reduce violence, including safety plan implementation, classroom behavioral supports, social-emotional learning, and accessing mental health services.