Why Vote Yes

  • As the trend of violence and mental health concerns in schools continues to rise, the School Safety Referendum will add important layers to existing school safety programs.

  • School safety is good for the community AND property values. A recent study at the University of Illinois showed that after a high profile school shooting, property values dropped on average 7.8% and remained that way for at least 5 years.

  • Referendum funding comes from property taxes. This referendum will not exceed $.05 per $100 dollars of assessed value.

  • Why add School Resource Officers? Currently SROs are shared between the middle and elementary schools. This means that each SRO floats between 4 or 5 schools every day. Three officers are shared between 14 schools! SROs are trained school safety experts that act as law enforcement, teacher and mentor to students.

    • A study by Carleton University found that for every $1 invested in a School Resource Officer, a minimum of $11.13 of social and economic value was created including 

      • reduced minimization of property damage

      • reduction in the need to call 911

      • Prevention of student injuries due to drug use

      • Increased feelings of safety among students

      • Increased likelihood that students needing mental health services will receive them

  • The referendum will bring current CCS social worker salaries to a competitive level for the area and add additional social workers. This helps to retain valuable employees that serve the needs of our students.

  • Why are additional mental health services important? According to a Secret Service study, 93% of school attackers displayed concerning behaviors prior to an attack and 78% presented suicidal ideation. Better access to mental health programs helps identify potentially violent students before they harm themselves or others.